Today we have begun our new exciting sponsorship with LGB eSports, we have followed their path in CS:GO for a long time and we are proud that they now are carrying our name.

We will support them with our great chairs so that they can mantain a good posture while gaming intensely!

LGB esports about the sponsorship:
“Our players spend a great amount of hours sitting in front of their computers every day. Comfortable and eregonomically correct seating is therefore necessary in order to ensure top performance over long periods of time. In order to perform on the highest level, we have been searching for a chair partner known for quality and design. Our choice was Arozzi. Adding such a significant brand and superior product to our existing line of partners is a great step forward both for our players and for LGB eSports. We are excited about the partnership and our future endavours together. Stay tuned for our upcoming awesome LGB gaming chairs.”

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“We at Arozzi have a passion for Esport, and we are always looking to support the best clubs in the world.
Today we are proud to supply Team Orbit with our best gaming chairs to ensure that the players remain comfortable while focusing on what they do best, winning!”

Patrik “Gordo” Andersson, Head of Team Orbit, has this to say about Arozzi, “I am very happy to say we now have a sponsorship with Arozzi and we are very pleased to have them onboard. This gives us a great opportunity to show off their amazing chairs to the eSports community.” Our players will surely be enjoying the sponsorship as well!
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BMG – Bad Monkey Gaming is a multi- gaming eSports organization focused on creating the best esports community and teams/players by giving them the best conditions possible, and plenty of motivation. We strive to have the best teams and players, the best game servers, the best streams and lots of other things that benefit esport.
Björn “papabjorn” Wik about the partnership:
“We at BMG are really looking forward to this new partnership with Arozzi.
Last Dreamhack I was testing the Arozzi Monza chair and it felt so comfy and the ergonomics was well thought out. And when it comes to design i think that Arozzi nailed it spot on.
We think that now when we all have new Arozzi chairs we can reach a new level at gaming since we now can game longer without the same risk at getting a bad back.
Thnx Arozzi”
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