Sfera MicrophoneZanzara MicrophoneVelocitá Racing Simulator Stand

Sfera Microphone

Sfera Microphone – Black
Sfera Microphone – Chrome
Sfera Microphone – Red
Sfera Microphone – White

US $44.99 / EU €44.9 (VAT included)

Sfera microphone offers studio-quality sound when streaming, gaming or recording on PCs, Macs and popular gaming consoles.

It uses high-quality condenser capsule technology with Cardioid pattern. Sfera also features a 3.5 mm headphone jack with volume controller and a custom designed USB connector. The microphone also comes with a 5/8 inch thread mount so you can attach it to a studio microphone boom arm.

– High-quality condenser capsule technology with Cardioid pattern
– Adjustable stand
– 3.5 mm headphone jack with volume controller
– Mute button
– 5/8 inch thread mount
– Custom design USB cable and cable clip.


Zanzara Microphone

Zanzara Microphone – Black
Zanzara Microphone – Silver
Zanzara Microphone – Gold
Zanzara Microphone – Rose Gold

Price: Coming

Dream of streaming on the go? Now you can do it anytime, anywhere with Arozzi Zanzara, a miniature lavalier microphone. Optimized for speech and vocals, Zanzara picks up sound from all angles and easily clips to clothing. It comes in four modern colors – black, silver, gold and rose gold – to match your other devices or make you stand out from the crowd.


Velocità Racing Simulator

Velocità Racing Simulator Stand- Black
Velocità Racing Simulator Stand – Red
Velocità Racing Simulator Stand – White

US $199.99 / EU €199 (VAT included)
Optional mat: US $29.99 / EU €35 (VAT included)

Arozzi is yet again expanding its collection of gaming and streaming gear with the Velocità racing simulator stand. It is the world’s first race driving simulator stand compatible with any gaming or office chair. This feature allows users to pick any gaming chair of their choice to add a racing simulator to (racing simulator not included). The Velocità racing simulator stand has plated brackets to add a steering wheel, driving pedals, and gear shifting box.

Hardcore racing gamers can now get a racing simulator to attach to their existing chair without breaking the bank from buying bulky racing simulators that are difficult to store. Velocità’s compact and light weight design gives the opportunity for easy storage and for gaming on the go.